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Moving to Ethiopia? Find resources that can help you get settled into your new life easily & fast.

We understand that making plans to move to a new country, especially to a country like Ethiopia, is not easy due to the lack of information on many subjects of interest to expatriates. For this reason, we felt that we needed to do something about it and we even went on to develop a survey to get the expat community in Addis contribute to the resource packet we wanted to put together.

That’s when many of our expat clients informed us about a comprehensive guide that has been prepared by the International Community School of Addis Ababa. We thought they did a great job and decided that it would be worth sharing it here although some of the information seems outdated. Here is a link where you can get the “The Welcome to Addis Guide”  put together by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the school. To find more up-to-date information and a few tips that were not covered on “The Welcome to Addis Guide”, just read on or checkout our blog.

Finding a Home

Let’s face it, finding a suitable home in Ethiopia is not easy unless you work with a network of expert agents. According to The Welcome to Addis Guide, “looking at 25 or 50 houses (or even twice that) is not unusual” when looking for a home in Addis.

House hunting is difficult for expats mainly due to the fact that most “house agents”, locally known as “delalas”, are unprofessional and are not even licensed. The delalas are known for being pushy and always insisting on showing you every property in their portfolio without any consideration to your requirements. Much to your disappointment, the delalas often take you to houses which are no longer on the market since they don’t even bother to check the status of the houses before making the trip. Many expats contact several delalas one after the other only to get even more frustrated since there is strong chance that they are taken to see, over and over again, the same houses they have already seen and hated.

That’s why has created an extensive network of professional real estate brokers and agents to provide one-stop expat housing solutions through its single service center. We will assign you a single service facilitator who will coordinate with all the reputable agencies and real estate brokers to help you find your dream home reasonably fast. We guarantee that there will be no duplicate viewings and no time wasted. For more information on how we can put you under the care of a group of expert brokers and agents, call or email our service center. Contact us now.

Below is a list of other service providers in Addis Ababa recommended by other expatriates who are already living in Ethiopia.

Schools: Kindergarten

  • Head to Toe
  • Flipper
  • German Embassy School
  • Paintbox
  • Brana
  • Regina Family Center/ day care

Schools: Primary & Secondary

  • International Community School
  • Sandford International School
  • Bingham Academy
  • German Embassy school
  • Lycee Guebre-Mariam (French)
  • Italian School
  • Greek School
  • Andenet International School
  • British International School
  • Gibson Academy
  • Flipper

Medical Service Providers

  • Suisse Clinic
  • Nordic Medical Centre – also offers Air Ambulance to destinations outside of Ethiopia in partnership with Aquarius Aviation PLC
  • Cure Hospital
  • Korean Hospital
  • Brook Clinic
  • Tebta Ambulance
  • Kadisco Hospital
  • Betel Teaching Hospital
  • St. Gabriel Hospital
  • Betezata Hospital/Laboratory
  • International Clinical Laboratories/ICL
  • Arsho Medical Laboratories
  • Dr Emebet Dental Clinic
  • Eye Clinic in the Athletics Federation Building (CMC)

Car Dealers

  • Moenco/Authorised Toyota Dealer/Genuine Parts
  • Nyala Motors/Nissan Dealer
  • Ries Engineering/Ford Dealer
  • Addis Ababa Car Sales and Rentals (they carry all kinds of cars)
  • Adika/VW Dealer
  • Lifan Motors/Chinese car manufacturer

Car Rental Companies

  • ABC Car Rental PLC
  • Addis Ababa Car Sales and Rentals

Furniture Shops

  • Wow Prime House (imported)
  • Waryt Furniture (imported and local)
  • Deluxe Furniture (imported)
  • Sini Furniture (local)
  • Zamani (local)
  • Addis Home depot (local)
  • Ethiopian Household and Office Furniture (local)

Appliance Stores

  • Glorious/Authorized Sony Products Dealer
  • Garad/Authorized LG and Samsung Products dealer
  • Wow Prime House
  • Ethiopian Household and Office Furniture

 Shopping Malls

  • Zefmesh Grandmall
  • Friendship City Center
  • Getu Commercial Center
  • Ednamall Area
  • Medanialem Mall
  • Morning Star Mall
  • Hayahulet Area
  • Laphto Mall
  • Adam’s Pavilion


  • Belvedere Italian Restaurant
  • Antica (pizza)
  • Aba Guben Bakery
  • Sishu
  • Ari Rang Korean Restaurant
  • Gusto Ristorante Addis
  • YOD Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant
  • 2000 Habesha Cultural Restaurant
  • Efoy Restaurant
  • Rainbow Korean Restaurant
  • Four Seasons Asian Restaurant
  • Dreamliner Hotel: Popular Steakhouse and Indian Restaurant
  • Kuriftu Diplomat Restaurant


  • Tri-up,
  • Bailamos
  • Guys
  • Club H2O
  • The Gaslight/Sheraton
  • Juventus
  • Mama Mia
  • Mama’s Kitchen
  • Jolly Bar/Arat Kilo
  • Fendika/Traditional Ethiopian Dance


  • Bambis
  • Novis
  • Shoa
  • Abadir
  • Fantus
  • Safeway
  • Friendship
  • Fresh Corner
  • All Mart


  • Alem Gym
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Capital Hotel
  • Adot Gym
  • Intercontinental Hotel

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